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Cartoon of 'Boris'

I first became aware of Boris when he arrived on The Banks some time at the beginning of June, possibly in the early hours of one Saturday or Sunday morning. I didn't take much notice of him at first just thought he had brought someone to visit a neighbour.

However, after he had been in the same spot for several days, I asked a neighbour if she knew anything about him. She told me that she had rung the police to notify them of Boris's whereabouts.The police didn't come to investigate but we did find out that Boris was from Shepshed.

After that if anyone asked me about Boris at least I was able to tell them where he came from and that perhaps he had come to Barrow for a holiday he had certainly come for a rest as he stayed on The Banks for at least a month. In fact I went away on holiday for two weeks and Boris stayed put for the whole time. One of the first items of news given to me on my return was 'Boris is still there!

Have you guessed who or what Boris is?

Have you guessed who or what Boris is? To allay your concerns he's not a real person but was the name stenciled on the front of an old Ford Fiesta van and he had been 'dumped' just across the road from where I live on The Banks. Several residents reported the demise of Boris but no-one realised that it would be almost five weeks before he was removed. At one point a notice was stuck to the windscreen advising that if the car was not removed within 24 hours it would be taken away.

Sadly, no-one came to claim Boris and he was unceremoniously carted away, during the day, whilst I was at work. He had become part of the scene at the bottom of The Banks, near the shops. He could have been an eccentric example of modern art similar to the exhibits that you might expect to see in the Tate Modern.

The first thing I said as we turned into The Banks on his last day was 'Boris has gone!

V Willcocks


Hammer and Pincers

A flag-sized banner between the two upstairs windows of the Hammer and Pincers announces that this village pub has been in business for the last 250 years.

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