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Young Barrow

Guides have an amazing trip

After months of planning, fundraising and preparation we arrived at Adelboden in the Swiss Alps to spend a week at Our Chalet, the first International Guide centre founded in 1932.

Just getting there was quite an achievement involving plane, train, bus and taxi journeys. But it turned out to be really worth the effort. Leaders and young people alike had a fun packed experience including hikes to waterfalls, trips to snow bedecked peaks in cable cars and chair lifts, swimming in a glacial lake, rock climbing and abseiling and visits to the local woodcarver and Kanderstag (the nearby Scout centre) as well as meeting and mixing with other guides and visitors from around the world.

We also enjoyed activities at Our Chalet such as the Swiss evening when we tasted a traditional fondue and heard a shepherd play his longhorn, and the international Campfire.The fantastic views, ice cold mountain spring water which we drank and paddled in, flower filled meadows (fun to run in or roll down), pretty cows clanging their bells and friendly local people all helped to make this a truly amazing trip.

Thanks to the leaders and all those who helped fundraise and organise this trip. We were especially proud of the eleven youngsters aged between 10 and 14 - they were a pleasure to take on the trip: their behaviour was excellent and they all had a really positive attitude to the whole experience even when things weren’t quite what we expected!

Here are some of their comments: “I was proud of myself doing the glacial dip”

“The views were amazing, especially from the tree house”
“Not another tuna sandwich?!”
“We crammed so much in, it was brilliant”
“Rock climbing and abseiling was the best”
“My throat hurts from all the wacky singing”
“I don’t think I can walk up another hill!”
“It was fun getting soaked by the waterfall”
”It was weird having a snow fight in June”
“I wanted to bring the cows home”


bigger and better

Many people have said that it was one of our best year's ever!
The atmosphere was so positive and the children's behaviour and
enthusiasm was excellent!

A big thank you to all the kids that came along because they really did themselves proud.
Also, to all the adults who helped because it really wouldn't be possible without
them. BOSCAPS gets bigger and better every year!
Hayley Francesconi