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The most important task of this edition’s editorial is to find a new advertising manager. Barrow Voice has a very good one at present, Judith Rodgers, but Judith has been doing the job for many years and wants to pass the baton to someone new. It’s an absolutely crucial role as without the income it generates, Barrow Voice could not exist. If you have any experience of advertising, or interest in the advertising world at all, please contact either myself or Judith - emails on the back page of the magazine. Judith will work with you to make sure you are well briefed before you take over the role for the 2018 BV Summer edition.

And where are Barrow’s short story writers? In the autumn edition we offered to print the winner of the competition in BV Spring but so far we have had very few entries. We know you exist: there have been competitions before that have produced really interesting writing. Remember: under 700 words and three age categories: under 11, 12 to 16 and over 16, and work must be original. Send entries to barspiller@btinternet.com. Competition closing date Jan 31st. As for this edition it’s a particularly good one with features ranging from belly dancing to scouting, competitive cooking to keeping kids busy in winter, finding a holiday place for someone with special needs to laying wreaths on the graves of Barrow’s fallen soldiers. And two pages of Christmas! Merry Christmas from all of us at Barrow Voice.

Gaynor Barton

Front Cover: Breadcroft Lane - 1981

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I have received bad news regarding the closing of the Sileby Road footpath and bridle way and believe the village should be made aware of it.

Despite the village pushing for the footpath to be reopened, the County Council has accepted the excuse made by Network Rail to close this convenient and historical footpath. They appear to have not considered reopening the existing path under the bridge opposite Vector House. I believe they just want to close it!

I would also like to mention the bridge Network Rail has built between Loughborough (Brush end) and Cotes. This is a full road width for horses and walkers and goes nowhere except the busy A60! LCC has confirmed to Cllr Fryer that Network Rail has no choice but to extinguish footpath I.20. The only option to keep the crossing open would be to build a footbridge at a cost of £2-3 million and would involve the demolition of a nearby bungalow. It is the County Council that has confirmed the decision, not the Parish Council. Unfortunately there is nothing the PC can do about it.

Yours sincerely, Rod Billson