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Barrow Archers Return to Medieval Times

Soar Valley Archery Club recently held a Medieval Style Archery Tournament. Archers were challenged to arrive upon the field of battle in costume and compete for a leather purse containing the sum of 10 guineas along with the title of Speed Shoot Champion.

With a total lack of historical accuracy, a collection of Normans, Vikings, Greeks, Romans and even Persian warriors came forth to accept the challenge. The Tournament was based upon the stories from the heyday of the English Longbow when archers were claimed to fire a dozen arrows a minute at the advancing enemy.

A knockout contest to see who could shoot six arrows in the fastest time produced some surprise results, with nerves getting to some archers as the contest progressed. The final Champion of the night proved to be the clubs resident Viking - Lorna Grossner who bested all male challengers to take the SPEED SHOOT 2009 title.

The competitors and onlookers - Serfs and Peasants - were kept fed with hot food and refreshing draughts provided by serving wenches. Its success ensures the event’s place as an annual fixture in Soar Valley Archers’ year.

Following an equipment grant from BUSCA (Barrow Upon Soar Community Association) the club has purchased equipment designed to provide people with a ‘Have-a-go-at-Archery’ experience. The Club would be pleased to attend local fetes and festivals to provide this experience to the public.

Soar Valley Archers are a sociable, mixed club with ages from 10 to 80 years of age. We welcome new members who wish to find out more about the world of Archery.

Further information about the club may be found at: