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Why does Christmas
seem earlier?

Is it an age thing? When you are a child, you long for Christmas Day but the wait appears to be never-ending. Now it seems to arrive earlier each year which is strange, after all there is no surprise about the date!
We hope you enjoy this seasonal edition.

The end of the year is always a time to look back and also forward to 2008. Our aim is to keep improving and this year we made the decision to pay more to make Barrow Voice even better with a higher quality paper. It is thanks to our advertising revenue that we were able to do this and we hope you like the results. So this brings me to the inevitable end of year thank you's, to our advertisers obviously, to Barrow-upon-Soar Community Association (BUSCA) for its support and encouragement, to Mulberry Square for layout and print, and last but by no means least to the Barrow Voice team, all volunteers who give up their spare time to plan, write, take pictures, create adverts, send invoices, edit, proof read, distribute and maintain the website.

What a team! Have a great Christmas and we’ll be back in the New Year.