The Quarterly Village Publication produced by Barrow upon Soar Community Association


Barrow Scouts to
celebrate 50 years

On Saturday May 5th 1956 the Scout Headquarters was officially opened by Sir Arthur Curtis, the Leicestershire Scout County Commissioner.
No doubt many readers will be able to recall the day the opening took place in the early evening to avoid clashing with the FA Cup Final in the afternoon!

Cubs and scouts from the surrounding villages attended the event, together with guides and brownies from Barrow.The day was the culmination of many years of hard work by a volunteer group of leaders and committee members which included the raising of the money required to purchase the derelict piece of land, known as Freestone Square and the installation of the prefabricated structure.
The building shell was made and erected by John Ellis Ltd, the local concrete product manufacturer but the foundations were dug by volunteers and the final fit out carried out in a similar fashion.

Over the past 50 years several generations of young people have enjoyed the facilities initially started by a group of far sighted people who have left a legacy which the whole village can be grateful for and proud of.To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the official opening, the Scout Group will be holding an open day on Saturday May 6th 2006 when anyone in the community is invited to visit, particularly past uniformed and lay members.The afternoon will consist of various activities by the present day members and photographic displays depicting the past five decades of scouting in Barrow. If you have any memorabilia which you would like to loan or donate to the group, please contact Trevor Ranson, Group Scout Leader;
tel 01509 416928.

In the 50 years since the Headquarters was opened, there have been changes.The world has moved on but the basic Scouting principles have not altered. The names and uniforms may have changed – boy scouts, wolf cubs, short trousers and large pointed hats may have gone but in their place are scouts, cub scouts, beavers and explorers, all offering a full and wide range of activities designed to cater for young people from 6+.
Camping and the outdoors still remain an important and undamental aspect of Scouting and opportunities still exist for members around the world to join
together and meet. Our Scout Group is planning to join in ‘Charnwood 2006’, a locally organised camp next year at Long Whatton, which is attracting scouts from all over the world. Opportunities also exist for the younger beavers and cub scouts to meet and take part in activity days. Barrow Scout Headquarters has been the venue for a lot of fun and activities over this past 50 years and with a waiting list of 40+, this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.
The Scout organisation celebrates its centenary in 2007 and Barrow Scout Group plan to organise some activities in the village suitable for everyone to join in.

John Wilford


Willow Way
– the latest information

Unfortunately, there is little, new, to add to my report in the last Barrow Voice (Issue 101,Autumn 2005).There was a delay in the developers submitting detailed plans to Charnwood Borough Council and at the time of writing this, mid November 2005, the planning committee has not yet debated the application.

My guess is that the plans will be approved and work will start in the New Year with the building of the distributor road. Rumour has it that the various landholders have been paid and the developers now own the land they need in full. I think that that means that they are now confident that the estate WILL be built in the near future.

There has been concern within the Parish Council that the promised payments to the community – for the school, the Health Centre, and so on – may not all be obtained.As I understand it, the developers are obliged to pay as promised and intend to do so but if the detailed proposals are changed too much (eg if the highway authorities at County level decide that it is not feasible to make the cycleway at the Soar Bridge precisely as proposed) then the promised money may be lost.The Parish Council is keeping a close eye on this and is determined to fight for the best deal for the village.

Arthur Gardner


The Parish Plan
is nearly done!

‘The Parish Plan is in draft and will be completed very early in the New Year’ says Arthur Gardner, Chair of the Steering Group. At an open meeting in Bishop Beveridge Club, 15 November 2005, the Parish Plan team gave a first public airing of the community’s ‘wish list’ of improvements to the village.

2300 questionnaires were distributed to all households earlier in the year and the 1190 replies have now been analysed - a mammoth task! The results form a huge database of 65 pages of numerical tables and written comments. All the data will be put onto the village website with copies for the library and the Parish Offices so that anyone interested can
see the results for themselves.

The team has identified 24 high-priority issues which they recommend should form the basis for the Parish Plan. These cover topics such as ‘ keep Barrow an attractive place to live’,‘improve the traffic flows’,‘maintain a wide variety of shops in the village’,‘make the health services more accessible’,‘make better provision for young people’,‘improve the sports and social facilities’,‘create an even better sense of community’, and ‘enable the funding of local activities’. Within each such heading, they have recommended a number of specific targets which are the priorities for action.

The next steps are to finalise the report and send it to the funding authorities and service providers at county level (eg the County Council, the Primary Care Trust, the Police) to tell them what the village wants. There will then be a second open meeting - the official launch of the Parish Plan, hopefully in January - at which the various authorities attend and ask questions about our requests. They then undertake to respond to our Plan with comments about what they see as possible.

To make the plan happen, we will form several Action Groups of volunteers from the village who will look into ways of following-up the recommendations in the Parish Plan so that the actions are community led. About 120 people have already said they want to know more about these Action Groups. Please send your name to Arthur Gardner (95 Cotes Rd) if you want to help make Barrow an even better place to live.Tell him what you are interested in and he will tell you how to get involved.