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Loughborough Shopmobility, in common with all registered members of the federation does have copies of the ‘Shopmobility Directory’ and could at least advise on the availability of federated shopmobilities in other areas.
Loughborough Shopmobility is free to use, but membership is necessary (at no cost). On the first visit a little extra time is required to complete the registration forms (proof of identity will be required), instructions and assessment of individual’s ability to use the equipment will be provided.
On Friday only it is possible for the John Storer House Community Bus to collect Shopmobility users and their helpers from their own homes; the return journey following about four hours shopping time in the town centre.

C East
Sileby Road

This is a follow up to Olwen Spiers’ feature on services for disabled people. If anyone has any further information which they would like publicising, please get in touch.



I have just read of yet another ‘seasonal horror’.
It is the nightmare scenario of a child balancing near railings, falling and impaling themselves and dying (Daily Mirror, 23 September 2005).
Why does this happen at this time of year? – because of conker collecting. I see the same setting by the side of Holy Trinity Church. Every year I see eager children (often watched by their parents) clambering around the churchyard and I dread a tragedy happening. Could the spikes be sawn off? It wouldn’t necessarily detract from their function and it would be safer.
I don’t profess to know all the answers and I do make mistakes but this has really bothered me for ages. Can something be done?

Sandra Chamberlain
Beaumont Road


Out of the loop?

I could not find any reference to the proposed Car Park and Picnic Area on Fishpool Way adjacent to the Millennium Park.Have I over looked this in your publication or are you, like the rest of us, completely out of the loop as far as the Parish Council are concerned?

I feel the Parish Council is being very underhanded at getting this proposal through.There are no planning notices on any of the surrounding lamp post that are normal when proposed plans are being put forward. In addition to that only a handful of people on the Fishpool Way estate have been informed about this development. If those individuals had not seen fit to inform the rest of the estate what was going on just metres from their homes none of us would have been any the wiser.

Up to now we have been well informed about all the developments that have been carried out on Fishpool Way so why has this particular plan been brought in via the back door?

I would be interested if anyone else knows about this proposed Car Park and Picnic area or is it just the Parish Council and the odd resident that they informed?

Susan Sharpe


When asked for a comment on the subject of the proposed car park, the Parish Council had this to say:

The idea of creating a car park so that people could visit the Millennium Park without leaving their cars on Fishpool Way has been suggested and discussed at Parish Council meetings and minuted ever since the land was transferred to Parish Council ownership approximately four years ago.All PC minutes are displayed in the PC office window, in the library and on the PC website.
Recently, the PC submitted a planning application for a car park in the enclosed green space between Brook Lane Farm and Nottingham Road.The Charnwood Borough Council Planning Department is currently considering this application and will have notified the households that might be directly affected, as is their remit.The Parish Council will not be able to make comment about the application because it is an "interested party". However, several letters from residents have been received and they will be very seriously considered, as an agenda item, at the PC meeting on December 6th, starting at 7.15pm.As always, the public are very welcome to attend these meetings and take part in the Public Participation
slot (which nowadays is scheduled to be much earlier in the meeting than previously).

Barrow Voice will be following up this issue in the next edition.