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PC advice

What to ask Santa for this Christmas. With Christmas coming, the question ‘What can I buy for the man / woman / child that has everything?’ is probably on the minds of many readers. Why not consider a Wireless Media Player? Now you don't have to huddle around your computer monitor to watch a video footage or sit by your desk to listen to MP3 music.A Wireless Media Player makes it easy to output your digital photos, video clips and MP3 inside your PC to your highquality audio/video system. Setting up a Wireless Media Player is simple, and the sleek design makes it a natural addition to your home entertainment centre.Audio Video (AV) jacks or Scart connections on the back panel of a Wireless Media Player can be plugged directly into your TV, letting you access digital media content stored on your PC, browse your music files, watch your videos, and display your photos. In addition, some Wireless Media Players let you access online media contents on your TV through an existing broadband Internet connection.
Audio-only models such as the Netgear MP- 101 are available and more expensive models include the D-Link DSM-320 and Netgear MP-115 which play audio and video. Other brands include Pinnacle Systems, Roku and Buffalo There are several alternatives available and I suggest research on the Internet using a search engine to find one that meets your requirements and budget. Remember to ensure your wireless network has secure encryption enabled to prevent unauthorised access to your data and broadband connection.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Ian Knowles


It truly is a snout thing

Oh, the local businesses I talk to for these articles just get better and better. For this issue I met with Emma Barker of Snout – a vibrant and modern designer textile and homewares business, the brain child of a husband and wife partnership. - he being an artist and interior designer whilst she is a textile artist and creative dynamo. Obviously, I was intrigued by the name – nothing to do with pigs I was assured – Snout actually reflects the ability of dogs to sniff out unusual and unique things.
Having lived here in Barrow for the previous five years, Emma and her partner established Snout as a website 18months go (
Already the site showcases a wide range of items: from children’s T shirts featuring rockets and funky fairies; through chunky, nubbly shrugs and scarves; textural handbags that are even more attractive in the flesh; all the way to highly detailed, limited edition botanical illustration prints and home furnishings of cushions, napkins and the most desirable tableware in surprising materials – timber and leather. One of the outstanding qualities of the business is its personal touch.As items are made in small quantities or to order, it is often possible for customers to specify colour ways or design tweaks – perfect if you need a handbag to go with a special outfit or you want your place mats to match your dining room décor. Snout, as well as being available on line, has been seen at charity events being displayed by catwalk models and has a presence in outlets in Nottingham, Buxton, Leicester and Sleaford. More locally, Emma has recently held shows in the Roundhouse and has more planned for the future. Local support for previous shows has been positive and naturally it is hoped that many more villagers will enjoy viewing the products on offer.
I for one have a certain drill T shirt at the top of my Christmas shopping list but shh… – don’t tell my husband or son!

Laura Hegarty


Webbie Wonders

For this edition, what could be better than a trip around the best Christmas websites?
For starters, let’s try Here you can not only write a letter to Santa, read what others have written or send an e- card: you can also read Santa’s journal, investigate Christmas traditions, play games, listen to Christmas tunes and even find out what the weather is like at the North Pole By the time this edition comes to you,the best Santa tracking website of all should be on line.All I can say is – go and see on Christmas Eve!

If you want to worry yourself about how little time you have left to do all of the things you have to do to prepare for the big event, how about - there’s lots of child friendly Christmas stuff on this site too! Ever seen a disco dancing santa? Try and see if you can keep a straight face Finally – I was astounded to find a religious explanation for ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ at tp:// . I’ve no idea whether the claims are true, but it makes for interesting reading May you all have a happy and peaceful holiday season.