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Whether we have a hot summer this year is a fingers-crossed affair but there’s no uncertainty about this summer in Barrow being a busy one. Barrow opens its gardens (BOG) on June 24th and 25th and the Summer Street Market fills the village with stalls on July 9th. BOSCAPS, the children’s summer play-scheme, will run from August 7th to 11th, from 9-30 to 12.30, at Humphrey Perkins School and anyone who missed the enrolment evening can enrol on the first morning - Monday August 7th at 10am. But what about the past? Would you like to look back to what happened in Barrow last year? You can by simply going to www.barrowvoice.co.uk and clicking on ‘Yearly Photo Gallery’ which you find under the heading ‘Other Links’. A double click and pics from 2016 appear like magic! This is a new venture, very much in its early stages, but which the developers hope to improve upon. They have started collecting photographs from public events held in the village this year. Have you got any good photographs you could contribute? If so, please send to Helen Sadler at hesadler17@gmail.com
Gaynor Barton, Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
It is with great sadness, that after 25 years working as the Health Visitor for hundreds of families in Barrow and the Wolds villages, I am now moving on to a different caseload elsewhere. I was based initially in the surgery but latterly at Charnwood Mill.
Health visitors work with the under fives and their families, predominately babies and young toddlers. And we promote and encourage families to make healthy choices as often as possible.
In my early years at Barrow we also sought out health needs in the elderly and teenage populations as well. But now we aim to guide families through the maze that is new parenthood, in topics such as: handling a new baby; early feeding choices; sleep; weaning; behaviour; maternal mental health; safety and safeguarding.
I’ve been truly inspired and privileged to have been a part of your journeys, whether happy or challenging. Thank you. And I hope that, in some small way, I’ve been able to show you how the care we give in childhood helps mould the adults of the future. Remember, if you can get it right 75% of the time, you’re doing pretty well. All my very best wishes to each and every one of you for now and into the future.
Angie Bell

Dear Editor,
The seriousness of poop collection was brought home to me whilst watching a BBC1 midday programme, ‘Dom on the spot’ Thursday 9th March 2017. I was not previously aware, but dog faeces can cause partial or total blindness in children together with severe chest and liver problems. Also a child can be affected whilst in the womb by some poor unsuspecting mother cleaning her shoes and then inadvertently getting it into the food chain by particles being left under the finger nails.
I’m a dog walker and most days I find I am collecting more than my fair share of poop to scoop!! I’m afraid to say that my findings are those left by the larger dogs, whose owners unfortunately are negligent in their care. PLEASE be more vigilant whilst enjoying your chat with friends and don’t be shy to tell someone if they happen to miss the action. THIS IS NOT A WINGE. IT IS IMPORTANT AND ALSO A FINEABLE OFFENCE!!!
It is up to us, the owners. Barrow Parish Council has provided bags and bins. PLEASE watch your dog while you walk and chat before our pets are prohibited from all public recreational places.
A happy dog is an exercised dog!
Regards and thank you Jo and Zigs

Dear Editor,
Unfortunately, I need to complain about the daily thumping noise from the piledriving on the David Wilson building site off Nottingham Road. It has been going on for months. It can be heard all over the village on most work days. Is it a new technique for building houses or has the builder been forced to piledrive because of ground conditions or underground mining? If so the residents and councillors ought to oppose it more seriously for further developments. Either way, was the noise pollution considered before planning permission was granted?
Yours faithfully, Rod Billson
29 Breachfield Road,
Barrow upon Soar