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Volunteers – A powerful
force in Barrow

‘Lots goes on’, comments Judith Rodgers about the village in her article inviting newcomers to a welcome event at the end of June.

The content of Barrow Voice bears this out - sport, community groups, youth organisations and so on. And there is a theme which runs through all these things - the good will of volunteers. The Scout HQ has been refurbished thanks to a grant but also to the hard work of many helpers. Some of Barrow’s youngest residents (a staggering 30-40 four to eight year olds) enjoy football on a Saturday morning because there are enthusiastic adults willing to give up their time. The thriving Heritage Group has another publication rolling off the presses and a new website where we can log on and find out about the life and times of Barrow.

Barrow Cricket Club mirrors Barrow Town FC’s commitment to encouraging young people in sport with its expanded junior section and coaching programme. It recently held a ‘Ground Force’ day with one of its objectives being the refurbishment of the clubhouse. Just as with the Scout HQ this was a superb example of what volunteers can achieve. How sickening then that only a month later the club was broken into and extensive damage done to the roof and new lounge ceiling.

‘Never volunteer!’ used to be a freely given piece of advice. It certainly doesn’t seem to apply in Barrow. Damage, theft and acts of thoughtless vandalism are costly both financially and to morale but I hope that the Cricket Club volunteers will be able to look forward to the summer season despite what has happened.

Without them Barrow would be a poorer place.

Frances Thompson (editor)