The Quarterly Village Publication produced by Barrow upon Soar Community Association

Help us keep the show on the road

Late summer sees the end of the Barrow Voice advertising year. It is a time for balancing the books, taking stock and collecting any outstanding revenue. More importantly it is an opportunity to thank those businesses and services which have funded BV for the past year. We rely on advertising to keep afloat and provide you with what we like to think is a lively, informative publication. A thank you is also due to Judith, James and Laura who have spent many hours on selling, designing and accounting. Without the advertisers and the advertising team, you would not be reading this today.

For the coming year we are offering an advertising discount for prompt payment which means if you pay within our deadline you will be getting a tremendous bargain –prices which have been held for two years without increase. Where else could you get such value!

If you use a local service, business or trader, please let them know that you saw their ad in Barrow Voice. That way we shall be able to keep the show on the road and you will get BV through your letter box.

Enjoy this edition with news of many summer activities to enjoy and we shall be back in the autumn.

Frances Thompson

Jerusalem Island