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Once again we’re a slim edition but we’re hoping to be plumper for summer! Owing to this lack of space we’ve had to hold back a few stories and in order to keep the magazine as full of different articles as possible have trimmed back others. If you’ve been 'trimmed' please understand why.
Barrow Voice is delighted to celebrate Mick Ballard’s recent awards, Gemma Denham’s lovely children’s books and Jim Hardy’sbeautiful furniture. We also feature an interview with the Project Engineer for the Grove Lane Bridge, give feedback on the Humphrey Perkins Tercentenary Celebrations and Dave Bird remembers the year a tractor appeared on his farm and life changedforever. And if you tend to procrastinate, we have just the book for you. Read ‘Mindfulness for Study’ and Barrow writer Dr. Karisa Krcmar will offer solutions. A review is on page 23 so don’t put it off!

Gaynor Barton, Editor
Front Cover: Mick Ballard

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I was surprised to read the following on Andrew Webster's article about the lovely much missed Mrs L., 'When the 11 Plus came along, only three of us out of our class passed - Alex (Mrs L's son), a boy called David Pick and myself.
Not true Andrew! The boys were certainly outnumbered by the girls that year. How could you have forgotten, Bridgit Newby, Susan Cribbes, Jean Small, Deborah Freer, Aileen Crompton and me?
I'm against the 11 Plus for oh so many reasons, but I can't let this is go uncorrected: in part out of respect for our teachers - I know at least one who taught at the school still lives in the village. So...let's hear it for the girls!
I've a feeling that one of the boys from North's shop (long gone) also passed... there may have been more. Our memories play tricks as we get older and in fairness, I must admit that I had no recollection of Andrew passing.
Yours faithfully,
Julie FitzPatrick (née Gregg)

Dear Editor,
On Tuesday 13th December, I was returning from visiting my daughter in the West Midlands and had had a very tiresome journey. It should take about two hours but, on this occasion, it took four due to an accident, heavy traffic and road closures. I had the traffic news on the radio but every decision I made to try to avoid the congestion seemed to be the wrong one. After travelling through Loughborough I was heading for Melton Mowbray but then the road was closed and I followed a diversion which brought me to Barrow upon Soar.
I had never been to Barrow upon Soar previously. I did not plan to visit there on this occasion, was there purely by accident and was, to use a cliché, ‘losing the will to live’. I pulled off the road to ring my husband and inform him of my whereabouts and was delighted to tell him that, although I would not be home for a while yet, I’d had the most lovely experience which made up for all the delays which had gone before.
All I can say to you is what a joy it was to drive through your main street. It was absolutely spectacular: lights everywhere, Christmas trees and beautifully decorated shop windows. It was fantastic, splendid, an absolute picture. I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe it. Will you please pass on my congratulations to the people concerned and say that it made at least one person very happy. Thank you. Sadly, our lights in Grantham are not in any way comparable to yours.
Yours faithfully
Joan Asken (Mrs)