The Quarterly Village Publication produced by Barrow upon Soar Community Association


Longer stories and colour photos

Over the past few editions we have been very pleased to receive contributions from you. These have added greatly to the variety of the content and have, I hope, made Barrow Voice ‘a good read’. The downside of this is that sometimes it has been hard to fit everything in.

To keep within our budget and to ensure that Barrow Voice is still a manageable size, it has been necessary to edit and shorten considerably a number of articles. However, we realise that sometimes you’d like to know a bit more about an event or a person so the original versions of some of the longer stories will now appear on our website.

You can also see all the photographs in colour on the web and we have plans to develop the site further during the year. We feel that the website is a perfect complement to the paper edition, which I know many of you still prefer to any electronic versions. Let us know what you think.

Whatever your preference, with the snow hopefully behind us and the days lengthening, I hope you enjoy the spring issue.

Frances Thompson