The Quarterly Village Publication produced by Barrow upon Soar Community Association


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A new year in Barrow has heralded a new beat bobby for the village, as PC Helen Thompson moves over and makes way for PC 718 Andy Houghton , who is now the man to contact over police related issues in the village.
Andy works out of Quorn Police Station, but now has direct responsibility for Barrow and the Wolds villages, under the new Neighbourhood Policing Plan, set out by the force in the latter part of 2005.
Having been at Quorn for nearly 18 months working as a General Duty Officer, Andy has had an insight into the make-up of the village, including the crime and social issues that exist.
Having very nearly bought a house in the village before settling in nearby East Goscote, when the opportunity came to police the village came his way, he had no hesitation in accepting
the challenge.

 As soon as you engage Andy in conversation you won’t fail to notice his endearing Welsh accent, which comes with being a native of Aberystwth, where he spent his formative years gaining a university degree in Human Geography. Later, he decided on a career in the Air Force as a pilot, but unfortunately he failed to meet the final requirement, and had to look elsewhere to fulfil his ambitions.With an 0-level in law it was a girlfriend who suggested he would make a good police officer, so Andy warming to the idea, began researching which force he would like to apply to, and when he approached Leicestershire in August 2002 they quickly saw his potential and offered him a position.
Andy appreciates that his time will have to be divided between Wymeswold, the Wolds villages and Barrow, but has done his homework, and has no wish to make any drastic changes to the way the village has been policed in the past, wishing to maintain, if not enhance, the good reputation the villages have enjoyed with the police in recent times.

His focus intially will be on the problems that affect village residents the most.
That means imposing himself on the small minority who affect the quality of life of the law abiding citizens. He has identified as being high on his list all kinds of antisocial ehaviour.
That includes a clampdown on under age drinking, and the more serious incidents of inconsiderate parking. Andy will be working very closely with a recently appointed, and soon to be seen, Community Support Officer and hopes to build an intelligence network with schools, local businesses, Neighbourhood Watch and social groups and be a point of contact for them, in a bid to highlight and reduce crime. Andy wants to keep the profile of the police high in the village, with as much public contact as possible, so he fully intends to be seen walking his beat in an effort to get to know the locals, face to face, and become part of the village scene.
You can contact him in a number of ways, firstly by dialing the public number for the Leicestershire Constabulary, which is 0116 2222 222 and if he is at work he will call you back, or you can ring the police Voicemail system, follow the instructions and use his ID number 0718 to leave him a message. Finally just put a note in the Neighbourhood Watch box in the Post Office, with a contact number.