Winter 2021 Issue - 166

Winter Wellbeing

Boost your Immunity with Lifestyle Solutions

As we step into Winter many of us will have concerns about our wellbeing and how we can boost our immunity through the season. There are lots of lifestyle interventions to support your wellbeing and the choices you make. With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, preparing your body now will be key to ensuring you enjoy the whole season and dance into 2022 feeling vibrant and vital.
Here are some ideas to consider:

Keep eating a diet high in fruits and veggies, especially seasonal and locally grown where you can and enjoy adding those nourishing root veggies to your dishes. I love a plateful of roasted root veggies with onion and garlic. Add berries to your smoothies, but if that sounds too cold, cook them into your morning porridge. My favourite is sautéing some frozen cherries with cinnamon (great for balancing your blood sugars) and then adding your liquid of choice and porridge oats. Enjoy those Brussel sprouts too as they can be rich in vitamin C (a key nutrient for boosting your immunity). You can even add them to those roasted veggies and help support your hormone health by supporting your liver to do its job. Keep your sugar intake under control too, as too much sugar causes inflammation in the body which in turn weakens your immunity.

Keep moving and getting outside in the winter sun as much as you can to help boost your vitamin D (a supplement is recommended through the winter, please speak to your health care provider as to a suitable brand for you) and also to help your mental health. Enjoying the fresh air and making a deliberate decision to notice nature helps to alleviate stress; support healthy weight management; and contributes to a healthy immune system.

Look after your sleep! Good quality sleep is key to supporting your immunity as poor sleep equates to stress in the body, which in turn compromises the immune system. A little winter activity may be to give your bedroom a little spruce up and beautification to create a restful place for sleep. Have you considered a bedtime routine that allows you to relax before getting into bed? Screens off at least an hour before bedtime, balance your blood sugar and watch your alcohol intake. NO I’m not the Grinch who stole Christmas Ho Ho Ho! I simply invite you to take some positive steps to support your winter wellbeing.

Mairi Taylor

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