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Boscaps 2017

Boscaps 2017 was another extremely successful play scheme attended by 282 children ranging in age from 5 to 12 years. The children thoroughly enjoyed all three art rooms with activities ranging from ‘emoji’ cushions and jo jo bows to fantasy film and ‘Harry Potter’ wands. The themed days within the 5-7 room allowed the younger ones to really get into character, I think the most popular was the super-hero day. This allowed them to get very creative making super-hero masks, arm cuffs, glasses and door hangers, there were several boys whizzing around showing off their new creations.

We were delighted to see so many people ‘finger knitting’ this year, the longest scarf measured out at 11 metres which did stretch out across the entire classroom. Boscaps would not be the same without the ever popular ‘junk’ modelling, this allows the budding engineers of Barrow to get stuck in and create some very interesting sculptures and models.

Although the weather this year was not in our favour this didn’t stop the sports coaches getting outside and providing the children with some fantastic team building games and sports tournaments including: hockey, football, basketball and dodgeball. It is just fantastic to see children of all ages being active and working so well together.

We like the play scheme to enable children to experience new things and, on Tuesday and Thursday morning we saw some slithery snakes sneak into Humphrey Perkins hall along with some of his friends including owls, lizards and a rather lively rabbit. Roll up! Roll up! Wednesday and Friday morning was slightly more energetic with plates flying, stilts wobbling and lots of concentrated faces trying to juggle, yes you guessed it the ever popular Circus skills workshop. There was a dance workshop every day which allowed the children to experience different styles including, jazz, street, commercial and elements of acrobatic this resulted in a new routine everyday.. On Friday, the children had the chance to show off their new found skills in a little ‘show’ that was put on for the circus skills and dance workshops.

If all that wasn’t enough the children also had the opportunity to stay for the afternoon sessions, Monday afternoon we bounced down to Wymeswold with a ‘jump Giants’ trip. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons the children could develop their skills in either dance or sport with more concentrated sessions within these activities. On Wednesday we got our skates on and headed over to Nottingham to slip, slide and bump our way around the ice rink ( and that was just the coordinators)

As you can see we had a very action packed week with something available for everyone! Well done to all the children who attended, it was a pleasure.

Thanks have to be given to all the helpers who attended, without you giving up your time we simply couldn’t provide this fabulous play scheme. We would also like to thank Leicestershire County Council Early Years, Barrow Upon Soar Parish Council, Charnwood Borough Council and Central Business Services for their help and support.

Finally Thank you to all of the Boscaps committee who work hard all year to put on such a great event. website www.boscaps.co.uk

If anyone would like to be involved please contact us through the website www.boscaps.co.uk or come along to one of our registration evenings.