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Barrow’s Shop Window Displays

Have you ever noticed the amazing displays that adorn the shop windows in our village shops? They always amaze me with the thought, imagination and artistic flair that the staff apply to these creations. I’ve observed them over the past 12 months in order to share some of them with you. You might want to look out for the changes that occur throughout the year.

H2O in North Street deserves a special mention as Sharon and Elaine spend quite some time planning their displays. Did you see their recent effort for Wimbledon Fortnight with huge, bright green tennis balls plus other items connected with this sporting occasion in the windows? Their Christmas one is a “Labour of Love” with hundreds of gold baubles suspended from the ceiling on invisible thread giving the impression of golden bubbles floating above your head.

Halloween is another opportunity for great fun with skeletons, witches, broomsticks and lucky black cats in the windows of Hair Boutique, Barrow of Treats and H2O. Barrow of Treats also has a feature for Diwali, Festival of Light, at the end of October. At Christmas all the shops take on a sparkle, especially Victoria Jane with its special tree trinkets, brilliant cards and unusual gifts.

There are far more occasions than those mentioned here. Keep looking for the changes and spare a thought for the time, imagination and effort that goes into making our shops so colourful and interesting.

Ginnie Willcocks