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In many ways this autumn edition looks back to the summer as we have articles on sunny walks through lovely countryside to interesting destinations , a visit to a Rothley winery to learn about the art of growing grapes for that most popular of summer drinks, cold white wine, and there’s a two-page spread celebrating June’s extremely successful Open Gardens . The sun shone on July‘s Street Market too and this year we have focused on the musicians taking part - capturing them in action – well - with one exception….

But we’re looking to the future in an article about the major problem Jelson’s and Wilson’s will have to overcome before residents will be allowed to move in to their properties and our front cover reflects continuing tensions between the developers and the village. However, the site of the new community building has been decided and an article will tell you where it is going to be. It’s a 36 page issue this time so please enjoy the extra space which allows us the luxury of whole pages of pics!

Gaynor Barton

Apology: In the summer issue there was an article ‘Margaret Meets the Queen ’about Margaret Steadman’s Maundy Money. I’m very sorry that a sentence giving the reason Margaret was chosen for this honour was accidentally omitted. (My fault; I lost it typing-up.) The reason was that Margaret has helped Holy Trinity Church as a verger and in numerous other ways over many, many years especially as a Sunday school teacher.

Short Story Competition:

Recently the BBC ran a short story competition with the winners’ stories read over the air by famous authors. Barrow Voice can’t do this but we can print them in BV Spring!
If you’d like to enter our competition there are three age-groups: 11 and under; between 12 and 16; over 16.

Entrants must write a fictional short story under 700 words. The closing date is January 31st. Only one entry per person is permitted and the story must be wholly written by the entrant. Please add your name, your age-group, your address and telephone number to the bottom of your entry.
Entries must be an original. However, stories can feature well known public figures from present day or from history (e.g. Wayne Rooney or Charles Darwin) take place in historical eras (e.g. the English Civil War) or use real-life experiences as a creative springboard as long as the story is FICTIONAL.
Entries must not contain defamatory, obscene, offensive, or any other unsuitable material. Entries will be judged by the BV editorial committee on the following criteria: originality; plot; characterisation; language; enjoyment.

Please send your entry to barspiller@btinternet.com Have fun!

The Sound Of Mu…rder

If you've ever wondered about the relationships that exist within a drama troupe, this year's murder mystery is for you. Behind the glittering costumes and the bright smiles what goes on? How do the actors’ personal lives affect their performances? Well, it goes without saying that the Murder Mystery teams are, year on year, groups of loving individuals who pull together and support one another through thick and thin. This year’s group is no different so why not come along to witness just how well we’re pulling together and see if you can spot any flaws!

The Sound of Mu...rder by Andy Hawkes is about an amateur group rehearsing the Sound of Music which gives you the ideal opportunity to dress to impress in your dirndls and your lederhosen, your nun’s habits and your Nazi uniforms… or something else (a lonely goatherd?)

The show is on: Friday 6th October 2017 7.30pm at Humphrey Perkins School.

Tickets are £12 each - which includes a two course ploughman’s supper and the chance to interrogate the suspects. Available from The Paper Shop, The Library and from Paypal at www.busca.org.uk Come along to have all of your questions answered...

Helen Sadler