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Autumn 2013




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Jelson Development - Melton Road

On 13th May 2013 the news came through that most expected but many did not want. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government agreed with the planning inspector’s recommendation to uphold the Appeal made by Jelson Homes to build 300 units on the Breachfield off Melton Road.

The final paragraph reads ‘’ In the light (of the above) main considerations and having taken full account of all other matters raised, I consider the balance of planning advantage to be in favour of the scheme. I therefore recommend that the appeal be allowed and planning permission granted, subject to the conditions set out in the attached annex.’’ [Report APP/ X2410/A/12/2173673 on www.planning portal.gov.uk/planninginspectorate ] However, John Pugh-Smith QC, the barrister appointed by Barrow Parish Council, advised the Council to consider appealing the outcome because there were flaws in some aspects of the report. Barrow Parish Council called a full and open meeting of parishioners on 6th June 2013 which was attended by around 150 people. The meeting agreed to support the Council in seeking a Judicial Review. If allowed the JR would be held in the High Court in London perhaps not until early 2014.

Strancliffe Hall

It is now more than one year since Charnwood Borough Council planning committee agreed to an application by Barwood homes to build around 70 houses on the parkland around Strancliffe Hall on Cotes Road. At the time the planning permission was granted there were unresolved matters relating to drainage of surface water from the site and residents opposite on Cotes Road were concerned that development would take place and put their homes at risk of flooding. This group of residents engaged BRAG’s solicitor to make representation to both Severn Trent Water Company and Charnwood Borough Council expressing their concerns and asking for reassurance that building would not commence until a satisfactory system of drainage together with the long term maintenance and repair agreements of any pumping devices were in place. Work has not started at the time of writing this article in mid- July.

Vicki Wallin talks to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2

On 28th June BRAG member Vicki Wallin discussed the impact of nearly 400 more houses in this village, live, with Jeremy Vine on Radio 2. Earlier Planning Minister Nick Boles had asserted that house building in villages was necessary to prevent them from stagnating and dying. Vicki pointed out that it is the excessive building in villages which threatens their existence by placing intolerable burdens on local services eg health, education etc upon which we all rely. Note; at the Public Inquiry Dr Sarah Parker of Barrow Health Centre said that the village GP practice was currently at 70 % over capacity and would move to 90 % overcapacity if all those occupying these new houses use the village GP practice.

Meeting with Planning Minister Nick Boles

On 19th July around fifteen representatives of local residents’ groups and Parish Councils met with Planning Minister Nick Boles MP in this village. Mr Boles was here at the invitation of local MP Nicky Morgan who chaired the meeting through a number of planning topics including, amongst others , the Borough’s Core Strategy for planning, the perception of national planning law favouring developers, Neighbourhood Plans and Localism issues and the definition of sustainable development. Mr Boles was left in no doubt about the level of frustration felt by local residents when elected representatives and the Local Planning Authority are opposed to a development to then see a decision made in central government to uphold an appeal by the developer and new building given the go ahead. Nevertheless, the Minister encouraged all present to work within their local communities to develop their Neighbourhood Plans as a possible means of defending valued assets.

Alan Willcocks - Vice Chair BRAG