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Barrow Focus joins Barrow Voice

In this autumn edition, we welcome the inclusion of the Parish Council’s ‘Barrow Focus’ pages. This two-page item will be a regular feature and can be identified easily by the Council’s logo. This is a partnership between Barrow Voice and the Parish Council and we are pleased to be able to offer councillors the facility of a regular and consistent means of keeping the village up to date with its news and views. In return we are grateful for their financial contribution towards the running costs of the magazine. Readers should be aware that the PC pages represent the views of the Council and are not subject to the usual editorial controls.

As we start a new advertising year, we would like to thank our advertisers for their continuing support. We received some comments after the last edition about the balance of editorial versus advertising space. We very much appreciate feedback and will take these comments into account when planning future editions. However, advertising revenue is what enables us to continue to produce a free - and what we like to think is a quality - publication for every household. Thanks too go to Judith and Chris for their hard work in this area.

Frances Thompson