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Holding my hand up

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, despite checking and proof reading, mistakes occur in Barrow Voice. It is an editor’s worst nightmare to put in print a major error, an inaccuracy or just a careless typographical mistake.

In the last edition we covered the debate on the future of the Slabs’ footpath at some length. Unfortunately in the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) article by Joyce Noon (Save our Slabs) the omission of two words led to a significant change to the meaning of the story.

The paragraph which covered usage of the existing footpath should have read:

‘Charnwood CPRE, along with the Leicestershire Ramblers’ Association, has recently carried out a peak time survey of the footpath which shows conclusively that the percentage of cyclists using the route is minimal.’

The omission of the words ‘of cyclists’ gave the impression that the Slabs is not well used by pedestrians. As anyone who uses the route regularly knows, this is clearly not the case.

The article is reprinted in this edition on page 7 and Joyce would still like to hear from anyone interested in supporting retaining the Slabs as a pleasant rural footpath. Her contact details are at the end of the article.
Frances Thompson