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Barrow Voice is published by Barrow upon Soar Community Association. Opinions expressed are not necessarily endorsed by the editorial committee or the Community Association.

Barrow Community Association is a registered Charity No: 505692.

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Warden - David Edwards
Deputy Warden - Betty Turner
Community Education Administrator - Carol Westbury

Telephone: Humphrey Perkins High School 01509 412385

Judith Rodgers
155 Nottingham Road,
Tel: 01509 412063

George Robinson
51 Sileby Road,
Tel: 01509 415062

David Rodgers
155 Nottingham Road,
Tel: 01509 412063

The Association has two main objectives:-

1. To manage the Community Centre - which is the entire campus of Humphrey Perkins High School


2. To play an effective role in the social activities of the village, for example by filling needs not met by other organisations.

The Governing Body of the Association is the Council, which meets four times a year. Council meetings are open to all members of the village ┴ dates from the Village Diary and from Barrow Voice. A number of sub-committees are responsible for particular activities and some of these have their own entry.

Services offered by the Community Association include Evening Class Programme, support to community groups, facilities for sport, recreational, educational and leisure, community newspaper, bar and social events. The Governors of Humphrey Perkins also offer an Evening Class Programme, a summer playscheme (BOSCAPS), swimming activities and a full youth club.

If you are interested in starting a new activity in the village, the Association is a good first contact. Financial assistance and/or subsidised use of the Community Centre may be available.

Any of the Officers of the Association will be pleased to talk to you.

A guide giving full details of the services offered by the Community Association is available from the school reception or telephone 01509 412385.


The group puts on a pantomime at the beginning of each year sometimes followed by another production in the late autumn. If you would like to use your talent at acting, singing, music, production, painting scenery, making costumes or being part of a stage crew, please come along.

The group is particularly keen to encourage adult members. You don├t have to have experience. Come and learn new skills and find new friends too !

We meet in the hall at Humphrey Perkins High School each Wednesday at 7.15 p.m.

For further information contact:
Mrs J Rodgers 01509 412063 or Mrs S Rodgers 01509 416533


Humphrey Perkins High School and Barrow-upon-Soar Community Centre are one and the same place so every part of the campus is available for use by members of the community:- Community Lounge, Halls, Gym, Swimming Pool, Youth Club, Classrooms, Playing Fields etc.

Over seventy organisations affiliate to the Community Association each year and use our Community Centre facilities on either an occasional or regular basis. These cover a vast range of activities. If you have an interest you would like to pursue, why not telephone us and ask if this interest is available, if it is, we shall be able to put you in touch with the appropriate secretary. If not, and there is sufficient interest shown in a particular activity, perhaps we may be able to organise something ourselves. Incidentally we always aim to keep our charges as low as possible because we want people to use what we have on offer.

You can also hire out facilities for private functions ┴ Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, meetings, exhibitions etc. The charges for these depend on the length of time and facilities required. We will gladly supply quotations on request. Both halls have stage lighting, the main hall having a stage. Staging units are available for use in the smaller hall.

The Community Association itself organises a variety of functions each year, details of which are published in the press and via posters in the village. Come along and join us at these events:-

For more information: Telephone 01509 412385 and ask for a User Handbook.

Warden -David Edwards
Deputy Warden - Betty Turner
Community Education Administrator - Carol Westbury
Youth Tutor - Soroya MacDonald


We have been twinned with Marans for 5 years, though the links between the two communities are much older.

Our main aim is to develop friendship and understanding between the two communities.

These include: Wine tasting, French Evenings, French language classes, Barn dances, Quiz nights, Millionaires Evenings, Weekends away, Theatre visits, and Gastronomic Evenings

Anyone who lives in the catchment area of Humphrey Perkins High School is welcome to join us. We are actively trying to increase our membership.

Meetings: Variable
We try to have a visit to Marans or from Marans each year.
There are social occasions etc. with a French theme throughout the year.

Mrs S Rodgers
01509 416533

Mr M Morley
01509 412982

Mrs K Timmons
4 Beveridge Street
Telephone: 01509 416168


Barrow Voice is a free community magazine produced quarterly by a group of volunteers. It is funded by local advertising together with a small contribution from the Community Association. Barrow Voice aims above all to be readable with a mix of topical news stories, readers├ opinions and a more light-hearted look at village life. It is a îvoice├ for everyone in the community.

The Barrow Voice website complements and supports the paper edition and can be found at

The editorial team meets on average six times a year and new members are always welcome.

Interested ?

Contact the Editor

Frances Thompson
17 North Street
Telephone: 01509 414068


The Roundhouse started life as the village lock-up but now serves as a small community building right in the centre of Barrow. Owned by the Parish Council and managed by the Community Association, it houses a village map created by the community as a snapshot of life in Barrow in 1996.

During the summer months it is opened by a group of volunteers on Saturday mornings and hosts a changing programme of exhibitions and displays. Community groups are encouraged to book a morning to promote their organisation or advertise an event. New ideas for small-scale displays or events are always welcome.

David Rodgers
01509 412063

Frances Thompson
01509 414068


Doctors in the Barrow-upon-Soar area include:-

Health Centre
27 High Street,
Telephone: 01509 413525

Dr D Dayah, Dr Susan Duffy,
Dr Sarah Parker, Dr N H R Simpson

Health Centre
9 The Banks,
Telephone: 01509 812343

Doctors: Dr A French, Dr S Jones,
Dr R Palin, Dr H Unitt

Highgate Surgery
5 Storer Close,
Telephone: 01509 816364

Doctors: Dr M K Lakhani

Quorn Medical Centre
1 Station Road,
Telephone: 01509 412232

Doctors: Dr C R Barlow, Dr M Bourne, Dr S J Clay,
Dr Susan A Cullis, Dr M F Frost, Dr K Oliver


The Duty Clerk
The Health Centre
27 High Street
Telephone: 01509 412472 (during open times only)

Monday to Friday:
8.30 a.m. ┴ 12.30 p.m. 1.30 p.m. ┴ 5.00 p.m. (Friday 4.30 p.m.)

Health Visitor, District Nurses, School Nurses, Audiology, Chiropody, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Parent-craft and Relaxation, Poste Anti-natal Classes

For additional details, telephone or call and see the Duty Clerk.


The Barrow-upon-Soar Parish Council meets at 7.15 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month in the Methodist Church Rooms, North Street.

The agenda for the meetings and the approved minutes of previous meetings are normally displayed on the Parish Council Notice Board, outside the Public Library in North Street , together with a list of all the current Councillors.

Sub-Committee of the Council meet from time to time to discuss:-

a) Playing fields
b) Cemetery and other grounds
c) Planning
d) General

The Annual Parish Council Meeting is held in April when the Annual Accounts are presented. The Chairman gives a report on the previous year├s activities and any special points affecting the life of the village are open for public discussion. Members of the public are welcome to any of the monthly Parish Council Meetings.

Letters to the Council should be addressed to the Clerk.

Mrs Lesley Bell,
The Clerk to the Council
Barrow-upon-Soar Parish Council
6 High Street
Leics. LE12 8PY
Telephone & Fax: 01509 416016


Leicestershire Libraries and Information Services

Ann Brine,
Barrow-upon-Soar Library
North Street,
Telephone: 01509 413160
Fax: 01509 621094

Barrow-upon-Soar Library is part of the Leicestershire County Council network of libraries. The wide range of services offered included a collection of adult fiction books with separate sections for romance, science fiction, westerns and books in large print. There is also a varied selection of non-fiction books on subjects such as cookery, gardening, DIY, travel and sport. The Library also stocks books on tape.

The Library has a Joint Help Point set up by Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Borough Council. There is lots of information on council departments and services as well as free phone or fax link to County Hall and the Borough Council. A computer terminal provides access and information on local clubs and organisations, job vacancies, health information etc., and there are plenty of helpful leaflets to take away. You can also telephone the Leicester Mercury for free.

The small but useful reference section includes a set of British telephone directories, while the local studies collection contains material and information about Barrow-upon-Soar and the surrounding area. There is also a microfiche reader to read Barrow-upon-Soar and Walton-on-the-Wolds Parish records.

The children├s section caters for all ages from 0 - teenage. There is a wide variety of picture books, easy reading, general fiction and teenage novels as well as non-fiction books for hobbies, personal interest and school work.

The Library has a small selection of newspapers and there is also a photocopier. A Village Diary provides information about events in the village.

As Leicestershire Libraries and Information Service is a Countywide service, borrowers at Barrow-upon-Soar Library have access to books and other library material all over Leicestershire. (This is usually done through the request service, for which there is a small charge). You can also use your library card in any Leicestershire Library.

Membership of the Library is free to anyone of any age, either living or working in Barrow-upon-Soar and the surrounding district.


Monday 2.00 p.m. ┴ 8.00 p.m.
Wednesday 10.00 a.m. ┴ 12.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. ┴ 5.00 p.m.
Friday 10.00 a.m. ┴ 12.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. ┴ 7.00 p.m
Saturday 10.00 a.m. ┴ 12.30 p.m.


The Club organises various social events:-

2.30 p.m. ┴ 4.30 p.m. Slide Shows (last Monday in the month)

2.30 p.m. ┴ 4.30 p.m. Social gatherings with demonstrations and speakers when ever possible (Bingo first Tuesday in the month).

2.30 p.m. ┴ 4.30 p.m. Social gatherings with demonstrations and speakers when ever possible.

10.00 a.m. ┴ 11.00 a.m. Coffee Morning All Welcome
2.30 p.m. ┴ 4.30 p.m. Whist Drive All Welcome
7.00 pm. ┴ 8.00 p.m. Exercise for health for the over 50├s

12.30 p.m. Luncheon Club (every third Friday in the month)

The Club also have various coach and theatre outings during the year.

Generally the Bishop Beveridge Club tries to look after its own members. The Comforts Committee visits sick and house-bound members, taking gifts and cards, especially at Easter and Christmas. Villagers over 75 years of age, not necessarily members are invited in turn but we cannot, of course, cover everyone in this way. Volunteer visitors would be welcome. We need helper├s with the teas on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, also cooks for the Luncheon Club. We have a wheel chair which we loan out. Our committee members would help other organisations if called upon to do so if within our capabilities.

Mrs B Long
31 Welland Road,
Telephone: 01509 412844

Mrs W Hardy
3 Adkins Court,
Telephone: 01509 414093


In addition to the organisations listed in this booklet there are many more affiliated groups that meet at Humphrey Perkins on a regular basis that are not advertised on this website.

If you would like information on a particular activity please contact: Humphrey Perkins High School between 10.00 a.m. ┴ 3.30 p.m.
Telephone: 01509 412395
Fax: 01509 620902