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Onwards and Upwards at the Community Library

Step into the Barrow Community Library and you will, we hope, notice subtle changes and improvements to the service being offered. As we approach our 2nd birthday in July it's time to let you know what's new!

You will be aware from the last Barrow Voice that the purchase of new IT equipment was planned. Well it's here! Our three Apple public computers are installed and running. No library membership number or PIN number is required to log-in. We will, of course, encourage you to become a library member but you may use these computers and associated printing / scanning / copying facilities as nonmembers too. Our new printing and copying prices are considerably lower than before and very competitive. A very big thank you to the Cooperative Community Fund for supporting the purchase of this new machine for the benefit of the Barrow Community. Our aim all along has been to enhance the service to benefit the local community.

Our thriving Rhyme Time (fortnightly on Fridays 10:30 - 11am) and Saturday Stories (weekly at 10:30 - 11am) continue to attract local children. Year 5 pupils from Hall Orchard visit each half-term. It's great to see the enthusiasm of both children and volunteers have for books and reading...a habit we hope will continue for life.

A series of six talks held in the library on the last Monday of the month have included topics ranging from Stoneywell and the Dogs’ Trust to charity projects in Ethiopia and the conservation of hedgehogs! Our forthcoming programme, beginning in September, will include Quorn Online Museum, Essential Oils and a demonstration by the local florist. These free talks, with refreshments and a raffle, are becoming a regular feature on the Barrow calendar. A family history group has been very popular with local people researching their family trees. This group meets in the library on one of its closed days.

The library makes a great meeting venue. Please call in / phone / email for details. We are constantly trying to add new events to the calendar to make good use of the library. We're trying a Beetle Drive and a Valuation Day (Saturday 7th October) this year. As well as children's half-term craft sessions there will be two adult craft sessions on 14th June and 22nd November. It's not just children who like getting crafty!

The Joys of Volunteering
As you can imagine, with all this going on, the role of a library volunteer is never dull! So many fantastic people have been involved over the last two years. As well as ‘librarians’ we have storytellers, a maintenance team, operations team, cake bakers, quiz compilers, management team, Rhyme Time team, and many others. We are always on the look-out for new volunteers.

Even just an hour or two weekly or fortnightly is very welcome and all the volunteers find their roles extremely rewarding. Please contact us if you are interested and tell us of ANY skills you have to offer. We look forward to seeing you soon
Catherine Holmes: 01509 416752 catherine@rcjholmes.co.uk Catherine Holmes

Donations to help keep the library running can now be made through the BUSCA website under ‘Donate to Library’. For further information contact Angeline Kazianis on 01509 416356 or email on library@barrowuponsoar.org.uk