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Foul Sewer Flooding

In view of residents’ concerns regarding recent foul sewer flooding between Barrow and Quorn and the similar incidences in gardens of residences on Breachfi eld Road a meeting was held at the Parish Council Offices on Thursday 20th April, 2017 to discuss the possible impact new housing development in the village may have on these.

Those present were: Nicky Morgan MP (Chair) Representatives from Barrow Parish Council and their technical adviser, representatives from Charnwood Borough Council (CBC), Severn Trent Water Authority (STW) and the Environment Agency. The meeting concluded the following Action Points:

  1. Condition 9 of the planning permission for the Jelson site (relates to foul drainage) should not be discharged at present and there must be no occupation of the houses until such time that Condition 9 can be approved and discharged.
  2. The developer’s interpretation of Condition 9 should be challenged. CBC to supply the recent legal correspondence between Jelsons and CBC.
  3. STW to provide the necessary support to CBC enabling them to resist approval of Condition 9. This would take the form of – Condition 9 cannot be discharged until the downstream upgrading of the sewerage system removes the risk of foul flooding to residents’ properties. STW to write to CBC in-line with the above.
  4. CBC on receipt of the response from STW to seek legal advice on their response to the developer. Follow up meetings are planned.
Alan Willcocks