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Lawn Bowling - for Barrow Residents

As a resident of Barrow I am overwhelmed and encouraged by the range of activities both social and sporting in the village. However as a lawn green bowler I am enjoying the sport at Quorn Mills Park Bowls Club, the nearest green to the village, as Barrow does not have a bowling green. As development officer for the Club, I would like invite the residents of Barrow to visit the club to appreciate the facilities and meet our friendly/sociable members.

Any form of exercise is good for your health and as this sport does not involve periods of prolonged and intense activity it can be played by all: young and old, men and women, fit and unfit – it’s probably one of the most inclusive sports out there. Lawn bowls is a game of concentration, precision, and accuracy and involves rolling a biased bowl as close as possible to a smaller white ball called the jack. It has been a popular sport in the UK for centuries and there are thousands of bowls clubs up and down the country.

Quorn Mills Park Bowls Club offers bowling at a level suitable for all. Every Friday night there is social bowling in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere - there is even a hot-dog afterwards! Most new members come to try it first on a Friday, to see how they get on and may just wish to stay at a ‘Social‘ level. Some wish to progress to playing in friendly matches, against other clubs, and the more competitive progress to playing in league matches.

During the winter when the official bowling session has ended the club offers indoor short-mat bowling and social events during the colder months. So whether you are under ten years old or over 80 our club has something to offer. There is no better experience than seeing some of our members playing bowls with their grandchildren in club matches or seeing one of our juniors, who has never shown any enthusiasm for school sport, getting a call from the County Junior Section.

Where is the club you may ask? I believe it to be one of the best kept secrets around! The bowls club is next to the Quorndon Fox pub on the A6 in Quorn. The club house, which is visible from the road, looks like a thatched cottage. There is free off-road parking in the club’s ground and a licensed bar.

Come down on Friday, bring some flat shoes and we will provide everything else to give you a great night's entertainment, a bit of exercise and you may even take the sport up on a regular basis.

David Walters Development Officer Quorn Mills Park Bowling Club www.quornbowling.co.uk