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A Warm Welcome at the ‘Old King Bill’ – From Brisbane to Barrow and back

On moving to Brisbane, Australia, last May 2013, I used the time, while waiting for my visa to be approved, to do something that had long been on my mind - I started researching my family history. I am originally from Brighton in East Sussex, but knew that my mum (Jean Buttery) was born in Sileby in 1935 and that she had also lived in Mountsorrel before moving to Sussex in the late 1950’s.

Mum’s parents separated in the early ‘50’s and I was never fortunate enough to meet her dad Bill Buttery, who I knew had played in the local Sileby band ‘The Gregorians’ in the 1930’s. Her mum died in the 80’s, and as we were not in touch with any other remaining relatives stopped visiting the area from then on.

While in Brisbane, and researching the history of Leicestershire villages on the internet, I found an article on the Barrow Community web pages about the restoration of the King William IVth public house in Barrow. I get side-tracked far too easily and began to read the featured article purely out of interest in the building’s history, not thinking for a minute that it would have any relevance to me. Imagine my excitement when I began to realise that there was actually a family link!

I read and re-read the names of the couple mentioned in the article – Joy (nee Buttery) and James Greig. When it finally sunk in that this really was my mum’s cousin, I decided to contact the site administrators to see if they could put me in touch. My initial e-mail was answered very quickly and luckily Judith Rodgers informed me that she would call in at Joy’s and give her my details.

Apparently Joy was a bit disbelieving at first, since she and my mum had never met, but when Judith mentioned her Uncle Bill (my mum’s dad) Joy realised there was a family link. Joy and I began to exchange e-mails and photos and I was even lucky enough to arrange to stay with her and her husband Jim in their lovely home on a recent trip back to the UK. I almost had to pinch myself to believe that I was really there with the two of them in Barrow! I was a little nervous and apprehensive about meeting someone I knew only through e-mails, but Joy and Jim couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly.

I got on with them both immediately and it really felt like we had known each other for years. Many mannerisms and expressions, even some of the things that Joy has collected, made me think of my Mum and Aunt. I felt very welcome and strangely very at home in her company.

Joy and Jim really were fantastic hosts and took me to many of the places that my mum had talked about. We walked up Watling Street in Mountsorrel, where Mum had lived, and on to Castle Hill and the memorial where another relative is listed. Unfortunately, Joy did not remember my Grandad and her Uncle Bill, who I would love to have discovered more about, but we were able to exchange many stories and lots of information that will help in my research.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Judith who enabled our meeting to take place. Joy and I intend to stay in regular touch and I will visit again as soon as I am able. How wonderful to have discovered a new relative and friend through your site!

Adele Nichols (left)