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25th July 2005

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31st July 2005
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Goodbye Mr Morley

Mr. Morley, head teacher of Hall Orchard, is retiring at the end of this year. I interviewed him for the Barrow Voice

The first time I saw Mr Morley, was when he did the assembly the very first Friday I was at school. His assemblies have always been my favourite so I asked him which were the ones he remembered most. He said "Spring Chicken and Easter assemblies, stories with stuffed animals and those in church, especially Christmas ones." He also thinks class assemblies and the Year 6 Leavers ones are special.

Mr Morley has been teaching for 38 years. He might have been a butler if he hadn't been a teacher but he has liked teaching and as head, he missed watching children flower but he enjoys making a home of a school and being like a dad to a great big family.

He thinks teaching is still a good job to go into, but only if you like children. He has loved working with big and little people, particularly teaching music and art. In fact, when he retires he wants to carry on with his painting - anybody who has been in his office can see the lovely pictures he has painted. He also wants to write a book (but doesn't know what about yet). He wants to travel and enjoy doing nothing. I asked him what was the most embarrassing moment he had at school. Some were too embarrassing for him to tell me but he told me that sometimes he comes to school and people tell him that he's got odd shoes on! When he told me this I looked down at his feet to see if he was today. His shoes were matching.

His favourite time of the school year is Christmas because it's a time of music, plays and enjoyment. He wants the school to remember him as someone who made them happy and thinks that the new head - Mrs. McKay - must have a big sense of humour and Mr Morley says she has, which is lucky.

The first time I really spoke to Mr Morley was when my friend (Lydia) and I took him some Chinese food at Chinese New Year in Year 2. He was really nice to us. I will remember Mr Morley as a kind man who was nice and did really good assemblies. I hope he has a happy retirement.

Genevieve Silk


We are putting together a “BOOK OF MEMORIES & GOOD WISHES” for Mr Bob Morley who is retiring after fifteen years as Headmaster

The book is available in: BARROW UPON SOAR LIBRARY for past pupils, staff and anyone who wishes to add their own message Or at…


on the School Field on Saturday 25 June from 12 noon Please go along and write your personal comment or just sign your name!

The Summer Fayre will be a chance for anyone connected with Hall Orchard during Bob’s time to come along and give him a good send off, and also enjoy a good family day out sampling the many stalls and attractions which include a Vikings Re-enactment,Traction Engine, Wigston Scout Band,Vintage Cars, Refreshments, Balloon Race, Bouncy Castle, Swing Boats etc…. etc….

Steve, Barrow’s Community Beat Officer, retires this June

Steve Morris bows out of policing this June after 12 years as the Community Beat Officer for Barrow.A local lad, Steve feels passionately about Barrow and so we will continue to see him around the village, taking a full but different part in village life.

Steve was a Loughborough College School (now Burleigh) boy. Leaving school in 1972, he had many career opportunities open to him including butcher, banker and panel-beater. He chose policing, partly because it sounded good and partly because the Leicestershire Constabulary answered his letter soonest. He became a Police Cadet, experiencing police life and studying. At 19, he automatically joined the ranks of police officers, working from the old Loughborough Police Station. In 1976 he moved to Quorn, taking over shared responsibility for Sileby in a team of three (those were the days of police in plenty!). He married Wendy in 1979 and moved to Barrow in 1985 but it wasn't until 1993 that he became Barrow Beat Bobby, although by then he was in a team of one.

When I asked him what he thinks of as his major success, his answer was, unexpectedly, not about becoming Community Beat Officer of the Year for Leicestershire and then the UK. Nor was it about getting the wheels of Neighbourhood Watch to run smoothly. Instead, he was much more philosophical: "I have always tried to maintain the archetypal image of the British village bobby: keeping the service local and always having local contact with the public. I have deliberately lived where I have worked; I have tried to be approachable, accessible and known for what I am. I think I have succeeded and I really hope that my successor can do the same.” As a village with a particularly low crime rate, the statistics speak for themselves.

As to his failures, Steve was disappointed that Barrow didn't win the Better Town Challenge; "we got very, very near. In the end, Ibstock won but we did get some of the things we'd planned.” He also regrets that CCTV cameras were not installed in the High Street, but admits that they would spoil the visual image of the village.

When we got onto the request for funny stories and experiences, as you can imagine, there were lots. My favourite reminded me of the film "Wilt". He called it "the Body in the Water". One Saturday afternoon, he received a report of a body stuck on the crash barriers of the weir. The crowds gathered, drawn like a magnet but no-one could get near enough to see who it was or how it got there.Two lads got their canoes out but the body was on the wrong side. Eventually, the fire brigade freed the body...only to find that it was a dressed mannequin washed down in earlier floods.

Then there was the Horse in the House (munching hay in the back room), the Drunk in the Road (Steve, who had stepped out into Sileby Road to stop a motor bike that was travelling far too fast, only to find later that he had been reported by the biker), the Copper in the Swimming Pool (he fell into it while to trying to apprehend a felon), the Three Coffins on the Lawn (the first two weren't big enough for the body but when they turned up with the biggest, they needed a rest before starting on the heavy lifting) and last but not least, the Wife who Murdered her Husband: Steve received a call from a woman who had knifed her husband. He went to the house to find the victim with a knife that went right through his neck and out the other side. "He will be all right, won't he?” asked the murdering wife.And when Steve also noticed that one of his legs was in a different part of the room, he quite believed that the wife had sawn off her husband's leg for good measure. However, investigation revealed that it was a false leg for which Steve was heartily relieved.

Steve is looking forward to his retirement and he wants to spend more time with his family,Wendy and Adam. He intends to remain fully involved in community life and is "open to offers"! He has thoroughly enjoyed his 12 years as Barrow's Beat Officer and says "thanks to the village for all the support I have received".We, in turn, would like to thank Steve for his commitment, hard work, and approachability. But we don't need to say that we will miss him because he'll still be there!

Judith Rodgers