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Selling in Spring? Get some Strawberry help!

Unlike many successful companies, Strawberry Lettings & Sales still has a significant amount of input from its owner and founder. Nicola Hickinbotham, who formed Strawberry over 9 years ago, has only in the past year or so started to take a day or two out of the business. Other than these occasional ‘time-outs’ she is still to be found at the helm, continuing the good work she started all those years ago and making sure that the Strawberry experience of today still has all the important elements that were instrumental in the building of their impressive client base.

Technology may have changed but Strawberry has always been an early adopter, ensuring that they harness the power of any new developments on the web (or elsewhere), and capturing buyers and tenants from far and wide. This said, the essence of the company is - and will always be - still one of human interaction and going the extra mile on behalf of clients.

The world of Sales & Lettings can be a very competitive one and larger companies very often forget about the individual experience of the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant. The Strawberry team successfully compete in this challenging marketplace but never lose sight of the stresses and strains that clients can be going through whilst undertaking what is undoubtedly a significant event in their lives. For that reason Strawberry take time to issue a series of guides and checklists to assist their clients in making a move. This advice is entirely free of charge and even covers the steps to take before putting a property on the market. Recognising that good preparation is key to the sales process and understanding that it can be a particularly stressful time, Strawberry make their support available to all via their website www.strawberrysalesandlettings.co.uk.

We may all know about redecorating and keeping things as neutral as possible but how many of us think about the specific definition of each room or space within the house and consider enhancing storage areas by getting them well and truly cleared out before viewings commence? Even the front door itself – we come in and out each day but how much attention do we pay to the finer detail? It’s the first thing that a potential buyer will see and in terms of a first impression, it had better be a good one!

If you are thinking about getting your home on the market for spring, then get off to the best possible start by visiting the Strawberry website, or better still, pop into Strawberry Cottage on the High Street.