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Barrow’s The Hair Boutique Celebrates its 2nd Birthday

Attracted by 2 gold balloons saying ‘2’ in the salon window, I popped in to ‘The Hair Boutique’ to find out more about the business. What I found out was both interesting and revealing, particularly since so many of us have marvelled at how many businesses in the beauty industry there are in Barrow. I can count eight. Can you?

Tanya Holland, third from left, the owner of ’The Hair Boutique’, started the business two years ago but had worked for the previous business at the same location for a number of years. She said it was a no-brainer when she got the opportunity to take it over and rebrand it as ‘The Hair Boutique’. She is delighted that things are going so well, two years on.

This particular salon focuses 100% on hair, unlike many of the other Barrow beauty businesses. In fact Tanya explained, “Each business has its own unique identity and hence clear-cut client attachment. In ‘The Hair Boutique’ you can be confident that someone in the team will do a really good job, whether that’s dealing with short hair, putting up long hair for a special occasion, completely restyling or doing a man’s short back and sides. We are particularly known for dealing with colour: getting exactly the right shade or achieving coloured highlights. We are also pleased to take on the challenge of colour correction.” (My grandson could have done with ‘The Hair Boutique‘ after he’d used a hair dye at home. He had to go to school with brilliant orange hair. They banned him until he had ‘proper - coloured hair’. So he dyed it again, this time in black although naturally blond). As Tanya commented, “We aren’t miracle workers but we can always offer a practical and safe solution.”

So successful is the business that it will shortly expand upstairs. A quiet and calm customer-lounge area can also be used as an additional work-station when things get hectic downstairs. Tanya and her team, three senior stylists and one apprentice, want to thank all their clients of the past two years for their on-going support and loyalty. So it’s Happy 2nd Birthday from Barrow Voice.

Judith Rodgers