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Mindfulness for Study:

From Procrastination to Action by Karisa Krcmar and Tina Horsman

Dr. Karisa Krcmar, who used to be part of the Barrow Voice team, has written a book about using mindfulness techniques to help with studying.

Karisa works at Loughborough University as a specialist tutor. As part of her work and research with students there she developed, with her colleague Tina Horsman, a programme of mindfulness workshops. After successfully running these for three years, they have turned their work into a book to help all students.

“I first came across mindfulness” Karisa said “when I was doing some research about adults with ADHD. A psychiatrist at the University of California had developed a programme of mindfulness and I thought I could develop the idea into something specifi cally to help students move from procrastinating about their work to actually getting down and doing it! One of the biggest difficulties for many students is procrastination and this book helps students to focus on what they need to do.” Karisa says that students’ flats are never cleaner than during exams… even cleaning the loo is preferable to getting down to revision!

Mindfulness for Study: From Procrastination to Action can be bought from www.inspiredbylearning.eu/books costing £19.51 (paper) or £10.00 (e-version). I’ve bought my 17 year-old granddaughter a paper copy in the hope that it might help her to get on with her A levels instead of spending hours on Facebook and the like. I have yet to get any feedback from her but the book contains “postcards” which come from students who have found the book (or the workshops that led to the book) helpful. I especially like “Before I did this mindfulness course, I’d always leave the house in the morning and spend the day worrying about whether or not I’d switched off my hair straighteners. Now I know that I do it. I’m mindful about switching them off. No more stress or worry about that… just about my PhD now!” (PhD Natural Sciences student). And “The mindful walking is really relaxing in that it de-stresses and helps me to focus. I didn’t come up with any earth-shattering ideas, but I did go back to my room and was ready to get down to the piece of work I had been putting off. I did it really quickly and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. Result!” said a final year IT student.

The ideas and tasks are presented simply and encouragingly.

There are exercises to try, a variety of styles of presentation and, well… I found I wasn’t procrastinating to write this article! As a present from an anxious Mum, it’s a no-brainer!

Judith Rodgers