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Barrow’s Meadow Feeds:

a quirky equestrian feed supplier with a twist in its tail

Kate Evans, owner of three horses, has set up a most unusual business in Barrow. She has always owned horses but when she moved four years ago from Manchester she couldn’t fi nd feed supplies for the very different needs of the three animals.

She lives with her two children in Barrow and the horses are also stabled here. Her research confirmed a big gap in the market and last October she bit the bullet, left her job in Nottingham, and set up Meadow Feeds in Barrow.

The shop is at the top of Brook Lane and to begin with Kate just concentrated on selling horse feed and other supplies. She quickly developed a good customer base and got to know customer needs – which often included requests for a nice cup of tea! She pondered this one and came up with the twist: she now offers tea, coffee, cake and vintage ice cream and not just to her horse-feed customers but to anyone who comes into the shop. You can pop in and order a bag of molasses, a slice of red-velvet cake, a cup of coffee, a vintage ice-cream, a bucket of water, a hay net, treats for your horse, which is tied up in the shade of the shop, and then sit outside at an inviting table!

I asked what vintage ice-cream is and she showed me a pretty antique china cup filled with ice-cream, decorated with a wafer and positioned by a ceramic horse’s head. Kate explained that she is working on developing the horse theme for a new expansion: in June she publicised her first Meadow Feeds event on Facebook. A converted horse trailer rolled up and was positioned outside Meadow Feeds. The business is called One Potato Two and sells hot potatoes with homemade fillings. It was a roaring success so she has booked Raphael’s Pizza next, also a converted horse trailer. Kate was so busy helping that she had no time to take photos or eat anything herself. The next trailer to arrive in Brook Lane is Street Food, selling Greek, Caribbean and Thai food. Keep a look out on Kate’s Meadow Feeds Facebook page for the details.

In fact, it would probably be worthwhile noting what else Kate thinks of. She is certainly full of ideas. She already sells farm feeds for pigs, sheep, pot-bellied pigs and hedgehogs! She provides a cleaning and repair service for horse rugs, clipper sharpening, personalised horse wear, including t-shirts and offers Facebook competitions with prizes. I wonder if she’s ever thought of becoming the village blacksmith???

Barrow Voice applauds her business imagination and wishes her every success.

Judith Rodgers