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Autumn 2010

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Barrow's Got Talent 2010

A review by Craig Johnstone

Back in June my family and I, including grandparents, attended one of Barrow upon Soar's leading annual events; Barrow's Got Talent 2010, hosted by Barrow Youth Theatre. Once again we were surprised by the quality of the production and creativity displayed by the people of what must be one of Charnwood's most talented villages.

Put together to showcase the village's amazing talent, Barrow's Got Talent is a 'one night only' spectacular that was nearly a year in the making and some of the people we saw had never been on stage before. Exactly like the real TV show, we had the chance to vote to decide who our favourite act was. However, unlike the real show, they did not have Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan to stop the very few slightly iffy performers.

I must say that though I know some of the people involved in the organising and production of this event as well as a few of the performers taking part, my expectations were not very high… probably because a few months prior I was encouraged to be one of the acts. For those who have not witnessed one of my theatrical performances, I really can't sing and certainly can't remember my lines! In fact, my only high point was when as Abanazar I fumbled Aladdin's lamp, caught my thumb in an elastic loop in my false beard, tumbled the lamp down the steps into the audience and twanged my beard into the orchestra!

The most notable acts on the night were:

  • Elvis is in the building – Alistair North
  • Tilly Yates with a Monologue
  • George Robinson with a comedy moment!
  • The one's that you want, Vicky and Sarah
  • Dance – Georgia, Lauren, Daisy and Molly
  • Lou, Hugo and Cop… be surprised
  • Ali and Kimberley the Diablo-ing Duo!
  • The sensational Olly Cavner
  • The melodic Andy Kenneth

Having all voted for our winners by writing the act number on the back of our tickets and handing them over, we were kept amused by the compere, Andy Kenneth and a young lad with a big glass goldfish bowl which served to be the repository for the raffle tickets – eat your heart out FIFA!

And so to the moment we were all waiting for – it was really exciting – the results.

First place went to...
Ali and Kimberley the Diablo-ing Duo!
Second place went to... Dance – Georgia, Lauren, Daisy and Molly
Third place went to... The melodic Andy Kenneth

The great thing was that we really did not know who would win – all of us in our group voted for a different act and even afterwards had no reason to feel that the winners didn't deserve it, the standards of the people of Barrow being so great and variety being what it is…the spice of life!

Finally a big well done to those brave people who took part, to those who organised and ran the event including Carol and Gordon Kenneth and Barrow Youth Theatre, in aid of the Holy Trinity Church Extension Project, and of course the winners.

Bring on Barrow's Got Talent 2011!

For a fuller version of this review with full descriptions and ratings for all of the acts please visit www.whatcanwedotoday.co.uk


Fifty years after its composition, Lionel Bart's Oliver! is in ruder health than ever. It has proved to be impervious to changing times, tastes and to the realities of recession.

Barrow Youth Theatre is excited to be performing Lionel Bart's musical masterpiece Oliver! with its parade of unstoppable hits.

This is the definitive musical adaptation about an orphan Oliver, who runs away from an orphanage and hooks up with a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor who is probably the most delightfully engaging musical villain of all time, Mister Fagin

. Oliver! is a great vehicle for demonstrating the talents of Barrow Youth Theatre's vibrant cast. Oliver! It's a great story with colourful characters that make this a great night of entertainment for young and young at heart to be entertained in Barrow Youth Theatre's record-breaking 7th anniversary production!
See you there!

Friday 19th November 2010 7pm

Saturday 20th November 2010 2pm and 7pm

At Humphrey Perkins Community Centre, Cotes Road, Barrow upon Soar

Tickets Adults £6 Children & Concessions £4. Party booking reservation details on request from Carol on 01509 620572